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3 Tips to a Tidy Home

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I believe tidiness is next to godliness. Maintaining a tidy home brings ease, comfort, tranquility, saved time, and a plethora of other benefits. As a lifelong organization-obsessed, slightly ocd, neat freak, I've learned a thing or two about the secret to the art of tidying. Practice these 3 easy tips and you're well on your way to experiencing the benefits of a tidy home.

  1. Make your bed - This may seem quite odd and out of place, but this step is non-negotiable. I try to make my bed 95% of the time. Making your bed gives you a sense of productivity, starts you off on the right foot, and leads to other small wins throughout the day. Baby steps matter. I notice a difference in my demeanor on the days I lazily let my rumpled sheets linger. According to an article by elite daily, Psychology Today conducted a study based on 68,000 participants and 71% of people who made their beds considered themselves happy. In contrast, 62% of non-bed makers reported feeling unhappy. Try it. Go one week with making your bed and see how you and the rest of your house feels just by performing this small, simple task.

  2. Put everything back in it's place immediately - You've heard the popular saying, "a place for everything and everything in it's place." I've learned to take this next level through immediacy. Take for instance, coming home from errands/school/gym/play dates. There's typically a swarm of shoes, tossed aside coats, a lunch bag carrying empty glass containers, my purse or diaper bag, and any other stray belongings from the car. Instead of leaving a trail of chaos, I make it a habit to put every last thing away once I step foot in the door before moving onto the next activity. The shoes go back in the single hallway bin, coats hung neatly on hangers in the closet, used containers rinsed and placed in the dishwasher, purse back in the laundry room, and stray belongings tucked away in their designated home. While the upfront time seems excessive, I promise this will save loads of time and stress on the back end. Plus, who likes to spend more time than necessary tidying at the end of a long day when the couch and that glass of cabernet are luring you toward cozy and quiet?

  3. Develop an evening rhythm + routine - I'm a huge fan of starting off the day on a clean note, back at square one. I love to "reset" my house before I pull on my Nordstrom butter socks and let my feet recline on the coffee table. Awakening to a clean and tidy house enables me to start my day proactively. I'll divulge more on the importance of rhythm + routines in an upcoming post. It doesn't have to be fancy, remember, maintenance and habit is key here. Since we live minimally and small, my total evening rhythm + routine requires little time and effort. In fact, it's become second nature to breathing. When I don't end my day with this brief reset I feel unsettled (I told you ocd tendencies). While my hubbs puts Oliver to bed, I pick up the toys, load the dishes, wipe the counters, scrub the sink, sweep, and vacuum. Voila! Tidy and reset in 7 minutes flat. Ahh the beauty of minimalism.

There you have it friends. These 3 tips have simplified my life and home. I hope you can start the New Year off with a home reflecting all the refreshed and energized vibes.

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