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4 Simple Steps To Creating A Morning Routine

I believe the way you start your morning has the power to set the tone for your entire day. Just as breakfast provides a foundation + fuels your body, a morning routine serves the same function. How you begin your day helps ground, inform + set your intentions for the day. Now that we understand the 'why' behind the importance, let's move forward with a few guidelines before delving into the action steps.

Firstly, there is no one-size-fits-all routine. Throw out the antiquated idea that a successful morning routine abides by a certain formula. The best routine for you will be tailored to your lifestyle.

Secondly, give it a chance. Don't give up, stick with it for at least a week + fit it in your day however you can. The notion that if "I can't do it all, then might as well not do it at all" is rubbish. Even if you need to resume your morning routine while the baby naps or during a mid-morning break between meetings, it is worthwhile to establish + prioritize. As creatures of habit, we know how difficult habits are to make or break. Have grace with yourself. A little intention + determination goes a long way.

Thirdly, let it ebb + flow as your seasons (or even weather) change. When you pay attention to your circumstances + tune in to yourself, you'll intuitively find what works best for you.

Ok, now that we've established some loose guidelines, let's dive into the 'how' + lay the groundwork for your morning routine.

1. Name your season. Are you a stay at home mama juggling young kids at home? Or perhaps a single professional with a hectic work schedule? Maybe you wear both hats as a working mama. Whatever season you're in, this will help shape the morning routine that works best for you.

2. Time: decide how much you have. Whether you only have a brief 10 minutes in the AM or have the luxury of spending an hour plus dedicated to your morning routine, the length is arbitrary. What matters is prioritizing this foundation to your day.

3. Answer this: what makes you excited to get out of bed? what types of things make you feel your best in the AM? Are you naturally a morning lark + wake up excited, motivated, ready to start your day? Or maybe you like to wake up slow + gently over a lingering cup of tea. And then of course there's young mama-hood marked by bleary-eyed mornings, 5-10 minutes of solo time + then it's off to the road races feeding my hungry hippos that are my kids. Can anyone else relate? If there's any encouragement, I'm proof that regardless of the season of life, you too can have a morning routine.

4. Journal: positive affirmations. Before I lose you here, stick with me. I learned this from one of my favorite minimalist podcasters Allie Cassazza of The Purpose Show. She offers so much insight + practical advice for decluttering, minimizing, embracing a beautiful minimal life with kids. If you have a chance, head over and listen to episode 147 about morning routines. I believe words are so powerful. As a Christian I also believe we are made in the image of Christ who spoke creation into being. I love this verse out of Proverbs 18:21, specifically the message translation that pretty much sums it up: "Words kill, words give life;

they’re either poison or fruit—you choose." Why not begin your day with positive words? Here's some examples: I am strong, beautiful, powerful. I will have an abundant, life giving day. I will be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. I will fuel my body with whole, real food. I am empowered and not a victim to my circumstances. If this isn't your cup of tea, you can also spend time on an unstructured free wright, making a to-do list, naming gratitudes, or meditating on a verse or quote of the day.

Now more than ever we need the things that help keep us grounded, that provide a sense of normalcy. I hope you can spend some time on these simple steps to create a morning routine tailored to you. I love hearing other people's rhythms, rituals and routines so feel free to share how you've applied these tips + tag me on instagram @thejoyfulminimalist so we can continue this conversation.

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