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A Note of Gratitude

Yesterday I indulged in mama's night out over delicious food, craft cocktails (or club soda with lime pretending it was champagne), and most of all the company of good girlfriends. Although I don't have the opportunity to see them regularly, I'm appreciative of the time I do have to break bread in the company of these fabulous, Jesus-loving ladies. These amazing mamas inspire me to be a better mom, encourage me with their realness, authenticity and genuine nature that life is hard, and of course make me laugh. I always leave these gatherings with a full heart, belly, and soul. I guess this is somewhat of a two part post bundled up into a word of appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness for the seemingly simple things. In no particular order, one for girlfriends and two for husbands.

After my lovely evening out, I stumbled upon a thoughtful love note from my hubbs while eating a bowl of grapenuts at the kitchen counter. First off, I'm so thankful for a supportive hubbs that encourages me to do regular girls nights. That in itself fills my love tank. The fact that, after a long day of work + traffic-filled commute, he is willing and eager to take over dad duties (feed, clean up, bathe, bed, book, song, prayers with Oliver) and send me on my way--so thankful. He also knows I feel loved through words of affirmation. This can look like verbal comments in passing or little sticky Post-It notes around the house. Last night I hit the jackpot with a two-page words of appreciation love note. It brought tears to my eyes as I poured over the note that required thought and selflessness. He could have easily filled his time zoning out to Netflix, but instead he chose to take intentional time to love and affirm me. After reading and re-reading this precious note, God put on my heart this verse from Hebrews:

We've recently had with friends and community dealing with hard things, truly walking through valleys and desserts, from cancer and illness to miscarriages, still births, and infertility. Witnessing pain and hopelessness as you walk alongside those struggling with life's hardships and sorrows reminds me of the brevity of life. We aren't guaranteed even the next breath, how much more important to make the most of our time and encourage one another? I know this post is somewhat jumbled and in-cohesive, but I felt it important to take the time to reflect on the people I'm thankful for and relationships. In the end, what do we have? Things and stuff will perish, but in the end I believe we carry relationships into eternity. In what way will you be a blessing to someone else? My girlfriends blessed me with their time, swapping stories, sharing both tears and laughter. My wonderful hubbs blessed me with a simple note and encouraged me toward love and good deeds. It doesn't take much. Words + actions are powerful. I'm challenging myself to this question too.

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