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How a Positive Mindset Changed Everything

I'm a firm believer in the power of words. Words shape and create reality whether positive or negative. Although I believe this, I don't always practice this truth. Just two short months ago I stumbled upon one of my now favorite podcasts (and I'm so thankful I did!), A Sunny Side Up Life and her message resonated with me. Meet Sami Womack, creator of A Sunny Side Up Life, where she shares her debt free journey as a stay at home 'mompreneur' and how her family climbed out of six figures worth of debt in less than 4 years--amazing! I love that I can relate to her as stay at home mom who is smart, savvy, and informed about her budget. If you are in the early stages of owning your finances like myself, I highly recommend listening to Episode 02 Shifting Into an Abundance Mindset. For too long I've bought into the "ignorance is bliss" mentality when thinking about the budget and our money. My amazing hubbs and I have been married 8 years, and whenever the budget conversation would arise I would basically run for the hills. One day l decided enough was enough and began journaling my budget declutter (this exercise is in the podcast above). Are you ready to move forward on your debt free journey and take ownership in your finances? I would encourage anyone and everyone on their debt free journey to spend a few minutes on this prompt:

Budget declutter (Just start! Here's a glimpse of my exercise below)

Negative brain flow - What are the negative stories you are telling yourself that hinder your journey to financial freedom?

Why - Why are you currently living in this negative state? What is holding you back?

Positive brain flow - What are the positive stories/mantras that will replace your former mindset? What will you gain by finally taking hold of your finances? [INSERT YOUR WILDEST DREAMS HERE]

I'll admit it was scary opening the budget and facing our current state, but simultaneously freeing to replace the negativity with positivity and action. As a stay at home mom it's so easy to forget all the ways we impact our finances whether through groceries, impulse Target purchases, mindless online shopping, last minute lunch/coffees out, etc. When the hubbs and I finally reviewed our budget, we realized we were overspending nearly $1000 every month outside of our budget (how?!). This unsettling realization set into motion a newfound determination to own our finances and tell our money where to go, which began with a positive mindset shift. Stay tuned for a more in depth view of our financial journey thus far including our switch to the cash envelope system in an upcoming post. In the meantime, words and mindset are powerful people! If I can do this (Hi, my name is Kristin former eternal procrastinator, free spirit, numbers challenged, uninterested, budget oblivious, you get the picture) you absolutely have the power and ability. Stop procrastinating, just start.

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