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How I Created My Capsule Wardrobe

I have been in SERIOUS nesting mode over these last few wintry weeks. Cozy home + 6 months preggers = hello productivity! I am taking full advantage while my energy remains high and the weather begs me to stay inside. Yesterday during nap time I finally made a brain dump list of all the nesting to-dos before baby #2 arrives come spring. Streamlining and refining my wardrobe remained high on that list and I finally had the gratification and motivation to edit edit edit. Crafting my wardrobe is a continual work in progress. Prior to my work session yesterday, I already had a fairly minimal wardrobe. My first downsize began in 2015 when I stopped working and became a full-time stay at home mama. I bid adieu to the majority of my corporate life clothes, rarely worn Nordstrom samples, and unused, forgotten items taking up precious closet space. Fast forward to the present and I've proudly whittled down my closet to items I absolutely love and wear on a weekly (if not more) basis.

Here are 7 simple steps to help you craft a wardrobe you love:

  1. Reference your vision board (or create one if you haven't already) - I love style and over the years have adapted these values to the way I dress: less is more, quality over quantity, style over fashion. Quickly peruse your style boards on Pinterest and influencers/celebrities/friends style you admire on Instagram. With pen + paper in hand, take concise notes on patterns and repetitions that emerge from these images. For example, I gravitate toward neutrals, monochrome, linen, jeans, juxtaposing structured + unstructured silhouettes, quality basics, Euro chic. This not only tells me what should stay in my closet vs. what should go, but also for future reference all the things my style does not reflect (eg; bright colors, busy patterns, overly feminine prints + silhouettes, manmade materials, etc.)

  2. Define your uniform - Consider your vocation and season of life. Does your job or everyday activities require professional clothing, business casual or a more relaxed, wear-what-you-please attire? For me that translates to quality basics like a good pair of skinny jeans + handmade, oversized, linen top or "momiform" gym attire like Zella leggings + Nikes + yoga top.

  3. Create 4 piles - Absolutely love (keep), repair, consign/sell, + donate. Once you have these lined up the next step is imperative (trust me, I'm speaking from experience!)

  4. Remove everything from your closet + wardrobe - I mean EVERYTHING! You can't objectively see each item when they're hanging or tucked away in a dresser. If you want the extra credit you can remove the hangers too. I find when you pick up and handle the item, it's easier to objectively ask the questions, which brings me to step 4.

  5. Ask questions - Do I wear this item, and if so, how often do I wear this item? (If the answer is "no" either toss or donate). Do I absolutely love this item? (If "yes" keep, if "no" place into one of the 3 remaining piles; there's no sense in keeping a mediocre item, your clothes should reflect who you are and it will make getting dressed both easier and enjoyable). If I went shopping tomorrow would I buy this again? Does this item reflect the values I listed in step 1? Is this item in good condition or in need of repair, if it does need repair is it worth the investment? Is this item a duplicate or similar to something else in my closet? If you suffer from style amnesia and tend to purchase duplicates, ask how many you actually need? Does this item reflect my "uniform"?

  6. Put only the things you absolutely love back in your closet + wardrobe - now that you've created space and breathing room for your clothes, you'll be amazed at the benefits. Thanks to tailoring and editing what fits your lifestyle you will simplify your morning routine, rarely feel like you have nothing to wear and actually appreciate and use what remains, only that which you love. Beautiful.

  7. Remove the remaining piles and donate what's necessary ASAP - I find that if you hang onto these piles "just in case" you will usually find an excuse to keep them. For most of us it's hard to part with our stuff, but when it's out of sight it's out of mind. Make a Goodwill and/or consignment trip on your next errand out of the house. Trust me, you will thank me later!

There you have it friends--easy peasy lemon squeezy. You are on your way to creating space in your life via what you wear. What better way to start the holidays and usher in the New Year with a fresh perspective and lightened load? I love a good before and after organization shot, so please do share with me your results and hashtag #lessismoredecember.

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