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1 Simple Way to Cultivate Creativity in Kids

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

I've always gravitated toward minimalism, fewer things, quality over quantity, and organization, and life with kids proves no different. Living in a small home [1210 sq ft, 2 bedroom 1 bathroom 1941 cape cod] has only encouraged me to ruthlessly scrutinize every item we bring into our home. Since we only have one main living area that functions as a space for entertaining, play, r & r, etc, we choose open-ended toys and activities that provide the most mileage. This past week Oliver and I enjoyed slow mornings spent playing, reading, baking and simply savoring the little moments together before baby #2 arrives come march. Part of this stemmed from my 6 month pregnant laziness, desire to cozy in to our hygge home thanks to the cooler temperatures, and save money on gas to free up room in our budget. Nonetheless I had the joy of watching Oliver play independently and creatively with his new rotation of toys (think puffy, colorful craft balls + plastic stacking cups + homemade wood blocks). Thank you target for the $1.32 clearance puffy ball find, cheap amazon add on cups and hubbs for the wood blocks made from leftover scraps, for a grand total of less than $10. Considering the average American household owns 300,000 items according to the LA Times, I can't help but wonder how many of those items consist of toys? One simple way I cultivate creativity is by limiting the number of toys we own and routinely rotating toys. I know there is no magic number, but I've found that the fewer options Oliver has, the longer he plays with each toy and the more imaginative he is. On a daily basis he typically plays with 5-7 toys per day. When he grows tired of certain toys I try to keep things fresh by rotating toys out or occasionally perusing our local Goodwill or Offerup for replacements. I'll include Oliver's current favorites in an upcoming post, but in light of this season marked by consumerism, lets aim to live lighter and cultivate creativity in our kids by giving them better but less choices.

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