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Refresh: A Little Sneak Peek into Our Minimalist Nursery

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Living small (1210 sq ft, 2 bedroom + 1 bathroom) for a family of soon-to-be 4 requires thoughtfulness, intentionality + a little creativity. Did I mention we also live in a charming 1941 cape cod style home, which equates zero storage space? Between our sole little coat closet + limited cabinet space, everything that enters our house is carefully curated. So when we decided to stay in our tiny home while adding another kiddo, you can imagine people's curiosity + inquisitiveness: "Where will the baby sleep?" "Are you going to move?" "Will you eventually renovate?" "How will you fit everything?"...translation, you guys are crazy?! With a little uninterrupted time (thank you nana + grampy!) + elbow grease (kudos of my amazing hubbs) we further decluttered, streamlined + did a mini renovation to accommodate 2 kiddos in this room. While it's still a work in progress (as is the rest of our lovely little home), I love how it's evolving. I wanted the space to be minimal, modern, light, airy, neutral + sophisticated.

Here are the changes we've made thus far:

  • paint - from a medium grey to bright white

  • baseboards - taller, craftsman style baseboards give the essence of taller walls

  • framing - doors + window casements provide some architectural interest + depth

  • removed furniture - we decided to nix the rocking chair, although we used it, we simply couldn't justify the amount of space it took up in the small room. We also swapped out the smaller antique dresser for our large dresser + moved it inside the closet. This is a huge space saver tip - when at all possible move the dresser to the closet. Now the room feels lighter visually thanks to natural light, all the white, + less clutter with just the right amount of furniture.


  • curtains - IKEA

  • curtain rod - DIY copper tubing from Home Depot

  • prints - Etsy

  • mobile - Etsy

  • sheepskin rug - Costco

  • moroccan pouf - Wayfair

  • side table - West Elm

Isn't this needlepoint a gem? My mother-in-law made it when she was first married. I had to snag it when I spotted it in the goodwill pile. I thought it added the perfect vintage balance to the otherwise modern room.

Still to come - further decluttering the closet, built-in wall storage to maximize space, a coat hanger + of course something green, leaning toward aloe vera or maybe some air plants. I hope you enjoy these progress shots as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you. Stay tuned for a 2.0 update ;)

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So lovely, my friend. Love the white + bright + that mobile is everything.😍

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