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Why I Finally Stopped Dreaming + Started Writing

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Isn't it true that we are our own worst critic and biggest obstacle? For myself at least, I'm just now owning this truth and refuse to stand in my own way any longer. I put so much pressure on having it all figured out, comparison to others success, having nothing new to offer, you name it the endless list stifled me before I even began. While I don't have it all figured out (ok not even a little bit actually), I know I have a unique perspective to share through the lens of my experiences as a thirty-something wife, homemaker, minimalist mama, living small [1210 sq ft to be exact with a growing family] and our newfound journey to being debt free on a modest, single income in Seattle. My loving, supportive, rockstar hubbs and amazing friends have always encouraged me to share my journey and it's freeing to just start. So here I am--cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie in the background (shamefully), twinkling tree giving way to the perfect ambient lighting--giving it a go, first blog post in the books (yay, small victories!). My hopes in capturing our sweet, simple life on this blog is to inspire you to do the same and pursue what matters.

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Love this so much, friend. And I needed the same encouragement. I have several things brewing that feel super vulnerable, but I’m going to put them out there, put myself out there + go for it.

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